Alexis Prigas - Biography
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Alexis Prigas

Born in Douala on 11 April ... 9th in a family of 15 children, Alexis Prigas is ''The Man apart''

Rocked from the first waking by a turntable which spat out all latest songs of Nelle Eyoum, Eboa Lottin, Myriam Makeba, Manu Dibango, Francis Bebey, Les Black Styl, James Brown, FELA, Elvis Presley, Franco and many others.

Fortunately, he discovered Oryx Bar Bonaberi ( a cabaret in the Douala neighbourhood) and decided to become a drummer, in 1980. He made his ranges on a folk guitar with more strings would go definitely; he is uncertain and will finally find his way across the bass in 1988.

To get involved in the musical adventure is one of the biggest risks to be taken in his neighbouring where the typical layout is the picture of the musician. The guitar was hidden in the ceiling or demolished with furious heels, various punishments, everything to struggle against the accursed gain which had entered him according to what his circle believed.
Against enthusiasms and being called everything under the sun, he does not drop there. Self made artist who is next to his peers to exchange his bridles of lessons which he accepts from them, he converted the patchwork in the researchof an another African Music, at the same time urban and rich in ancestral principles. Immediately, it is what he calls '' The African Jazz ''.
From 1991, he teams up with friends and founds numerous groups ; Ding Deng Dong Jazz Quartet, Azik Bantu, Helele, 3BU, Ozigi Zaga, Kongo Roots, Rosyne et Moumban...

To set off definitely, his influences inspire him as much as it pushes him to ambition and overtaking; Manu Dibango, Eboa Lottin, Francis Bebey, Ultramarine, Jaco Pastorius, Etienne Mbappe, Richard Bona... He makes a step furthermore in collaborations and quickly they rouse themselves to him : Geo W. Masso, Tom Yom's, Missé Ngoh François, Sallé John, Julius Essoka, instant jam sessoin with Hervé Meschinet, Gilles Renne, Jojo Kuoh, Lobe Valery and several others Cameroonians star accompanied across tours and cabarets when he is not in studios.

2003 turning to make concrete his vision because of his experience as a songwriter, he decided to go on the road consequently and to dedicate himself to expand what is a vast dictionary that makes share during his different exit with his Metronome group. For him, it is the field of the register with jazz, blends, new ideas that support his plans '' Spleen and joy '' with deep rhythms of Ngosso, Bolobo, Sékélé, Eséwe, Abélé, Mérengé, and zest of sahelian Music will move together.

Meticulous and perfectionist to impose his finding as brand new materials so for his audience to appreciate it in the measure of what for him passes while playing his bass, by roundness and correctness of every note!.